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Private Coaching

Name: Be The Flow 6-Month Coaching Program

Who: Driven entrepreneurs who want to optimize their business by getting out of their heads and into their hearts. Whether you have reached a plateau in your business, or are looking to create something new, you are looking to grow!

Purpose: Do you feel like you know what you SHOULD be doing, but you just can’t seem to take the next logical step?  Maybe you’ve read all the books, taken the courses, but you still find yourself plateaued in your business, or getting stuck, not knowing what actions are going to create the next level of success you desire? 

We help driven entrepreneurs get out of their heads and into their hearts to finally start living the life of their dreams.

 YES, You can have it all. 

You don’t have to sacrifice success in the name of creating from a place of true authenticity and inspiration. 

While giving your business all the attention it requires, you’ll also be invited to take a higher perspective where we’ll help shine a light on how the most divinely inspired version of YOU will experience massive personal expansion. 

When that most powerful version of you shows up authentically, creatively and powerfully in alignment to a plan for action, this is when real magic begins to happen.

You’ll be supported in creating a new relationship with your business, so that you can experience a true abundance of time, money, and freedom. We’ll take a deep dive into your Business Harmony Map™, and create a structured plan for working with the fundamental frequencies that are most seeking balance. We’ll also leverage the strengths of the frequencies most in harmony to help create fast traction. 

Anchored on a foundation of clarity that feels really good, we’ll help you create a winning business strategy guaranteed to get you unstuck and will hold you accountable to creating real momentum forward.

As you work your personalized plan, we will also provide you with physical and emotional support so you can learn how to manage your own energy and see the power of a structured plan when combined with well-balanced energy. 

So often we underestimate the power of emotions and find ourselves taking action out of frustration. While it may feel like there is a sense of progress in the short-term, there is a big difference between action for action’s sake and truly inspired action. 

You’ll learn to recognize and honor all emotions, tap into a limitless source of energy, and fine-tune your internal guidance system for powerful decision making.


  • Personalized Sacred Business Harmony Map Assessment™ - We’ll review and deep dive into your results, and produce an action plan to implement into your life and business right away.
  • Elevate Your Offer Questionnaire™ - You’ll be invited to complete a comprehensive deep-dive of your business and personal life across 12 key categories in order to create a foundation of clarity as we begin to work together on your plan.
  • Personalized Master Your Energy™ Protocol - You’ll receive specific energetic practices, rituals, and exercises based on your harmony map assessment, designed to keep you experiencing natural, calm energy as you take daily action towards your goals.
  • Custom Business Entity Meditation - We’ll create your very own guided 20-minute meditation audio that takes into account the frequencies you are working and your vision for what you would most like to achieve. You’ll be invited to see your business as a sacred co-creation with the universe. 
  • 6 Synergy Support Sessions - In each of these 6 sessions, you’ll be joined by both Carolina and Phil, with a specific purpose in mind meant to catalyze your progress and unlock deeper layers of your potential.
  • 8 Strategic Business Coaching Sessions - In these targeted sessions, we’ll examine the strategic aspects of what’s necessary to propel you and your business forward to achieve the next level of growth that you are seeking.
  • 6 Bio-Energetic Alignment Sessions - During these sessions, we’ll work with subconscious patterns and blocks that might be standing in the way of you experiencing your highest potential for creative energy.
  • 3 Frequency Shifts (Focus on the physical/emotional patterns of entrepreneurship) - These sessions will be designed around the frequencies of your personal harmony map that are most seeking balance. You’ll learn and practice specific techniques for processing your emotions with intention so that you aren’t creating new negative patterns that stand in the way of your success. 

Bonus! Sacred Growth Club 6-Month Mastermind Included at no-additional cost ($5K value)

  • 3 Weekly Business Growth Office Hours Calls Per Month - This will be time to come together and receive hot-seat coaching on anything related to business growth, marketing, or online business strategy. 
  • On Average, 3 Embodied Movement Class Per Week - for your physical wellbeing as well as working with the raw energy of the 9 fundamental frequencies and 3 convergence points. 
  • Recorded Weekly Messages - sent directly to your inbox to inspire you and keep your energy up as you take on your meaningful work. 
  • Monthly Community Calls - Monthly 90-minute group calls to practice meditation together, connect with other members and amplify the power of our minds to achieve better results together. Be inspired by others, and stay accountable to your goals so you can consistently grow your business.
  • Quarterly Workshops - Mastermind with some of the most talented, brilliant, and successful experts I know. They specialize in marketing, mindset, content creation, financial management, and so much more. Through these workshops you'll grow in all areas of your business and continue learning what you need to succeed.
  • Online “Heartbeat” Community This is a space to ask questions, receive feedback, and get support in between calls. We’ll also be adding new resources and recorded training throughout the year as inspiration strikes.

(We’ll also have guests joining us by invite only for the monthly connection call to learn more about Sacred Business Club. This will give you a chance to connect with the larger Sacred Business Community. 

When: We are currently enrolling new clients for January 2024

How much?:

  • $18,000 $15,000 -  prepayment discount
  • OR 6 payments of $3,000 - once a month for 6 months