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Building Circuitry with Bioenergetics

In this video, I'll teach you the exercise known as "building circuitry."

Although straightforward, it's remarkably potent. It's a method for solving internal issues. Essentially, we exist in this third dimension to awaken to our divinity. To do so, we need to construct circuitry or engage with the raw energy to recognize the divinity within ourselves, rather than getting ensnared in the stories we concoct. Instead of lingering in the mind, spinning narratives about agreements or disagreements with others, or disliking certain situations, the invitation is to delve within and identify where that particular situation triggers a response in your body.

Every time you feel an emotional charge, it's an opportunity to integrate a part of yourself unknown to your mind. Your body mirrors your consciousness, and these situations beckon you to see yourself as a whole, sacred being. I'll now demonstrate how to work with this raw energy. For instance, if someone's actions displeased you, and you feel a certain way, bypass the experience and locate where in your body you sense discomfort or emotional charge. Suppose it's in your stomach or around the solar plexus.

Here's what to do: Communicate with your body.

If the discomfort is in the solar plexus, you might gently contract the area or place your hand there, applying a slight pressure as a signal of your presence. Once you've pinpointed the trigger—let's continue with the solar plexus example—breathe and utilize your imagination. Picture drawing breath from the base of your spine up to that area. Upon reaching it, inhale deeply, hold the breath and maintain the squeeze, then exhale, visualizing the breath exiting through the top of your head. Inhale again from the top of your head back to the area, then exhale downward. Repeat this cycle, ideally until the discomfort dissipates completely. If time is scarce, aim for at least seven cycles, with one cycle comprising an upward and downward breath.

Should you encounter such a situation at work or during a meeting where you can't perform this exercise, revisit it when you return home. Recollect the situation in full detail to reactivate the trigger and proceed with the exercise. This technique is adaptable to any body part; use your hands to communicate with the affected area. The important aspect is engaging with your body. If unsure where you feel the trigger, ask yourself where it might be and trust the first impression that comes to mind. Although the process is simple, it's incredibly effective.