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The Real Reason You've Hit a Plateau in Your Business

Disclaimer: We've been online entrepreneurs for almost a decade, and have experienced the effects of what I'm going to share with you here firsthand. You can read more about our story here.

There's a lot of misinformation out in the world about what it really means to be an entrepreneur, and that glorifies certain behavior and ideals that may not be in best service to creating something powerful in your life that supports all aspects of your growth and evolution.

This is our attempt to short circuit some of the societal belief patterns that may be holding you back from experiencing your individuality and full creative expression.

During July of last year year I was at an elite mastermind event full of of 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs all gathering in hopes of finding that one thing that was going to help them move their business to the "next level".

Every one of the guests was a legitimate expert in their area, with attendees ranging from Facebook Ad experts, social media influencers, copywriters, coaches, publicists, and conversion optimization specialists.

You had all the right people in the room to pretty much ensure that if there was a question about growing your business online, there was someone who could help.

But as I observed the conversations that ensued, and really tuned into what the entire group had in common around their reason for being there, it became quite evident that the thing holding this room of mega high-achievers back from there next level of financial abundance and freedom was NOT fundamentally a business problem.

Sure, the strategic advice is necessary, and there was enough of that to go around to ensure that every member of the group was loaded up with the right tactics and tips to make 2024 their best year ever. As a strategic business coach myself, I would never deny the importance of keeping up with the latest trends of what's working online.

But there was something deeper I observed as I read between the lines of what was being voiced, and as I got to the know the other guests over a course of a week together in the jungles of Colombia.

Observing the Hidden Disconnect ...

What I saw was a group of driven, talented individuals, each wrestling with an invisible but palpable sense of disconnect.Despite their success and the bustling energy of the event, there was an undercurrent of fatigue.

Each conversation, each shared strategy seemed to be underscored by a silent question: "Is this it?"

Many had been pushing themselves to the brink, aggressively pursuing the next big launch, the next big idea, the thing that was going to "leave their mark on the industry".

They were working tirelessly, often at the expense of their health, relationships, and personal well-being.

Yet despite all the outward signs of success, and when given the space to share from the heart, many expressed feelings of uncertainty around if they were truly living their purpose.

They had built their businesses, but along the way, they had lost touch with their own inner joy and satisfaction.

This wasn't just burnout – this was something deeper.

They Told Me They Had Done Everything Right ...

Everyone there had done everything "right" in the traditional sense.

They had followed the best practices, implemented the proven strategies, hired the right team, and invested in their personal growth.

They had built profitable businesses that were serving thousands, if not millions, of people around the world. They were successful by any objective standard.

Yet, for all their achievements, they were left feeling hollow and unfulfilled. The more they achieved, the more they felt disconnected from their work and themselves. The constant striving for more - more revenue, more customers, more impact - had led them away from their authentic selves and deeper purpose.

They had become so focused on the external metrics of success that they had neglected their inner experience - their sense of joy, fulfillment, and alignment with their work. This led to a sense of disconnection, not only from their work but also from their own selves.

This was the reality that many in the room were grappling with - a reality that is largely unspoken and unrecognized in the hustle and bustle of the entrepreneurial world.

This is an epidemic facing entrepreneurs where everyone is looking outward for answers, getting caught up in the hustle, and losing sight of their own inner wisdom and guidance.

It's a pattern that is all too common, yet seldom addressed. Many of us are so busy chasing after the next big thing that we forget to pause, to reflect, and to connect with what truly matters.

This disconnect between our external pursuits and our inner experience can lead to a sense of dissatisfaction and un-fulfillment. We may achieve our goals, but if they are not aligned with our deeper purpose and values, then our success can feel hollow and meaningless.

You are about to learn the real reason why you've hit a plateau in your business, and why more than 46% of businesses don't even make it to the 5-year mark, despite many of them achieving verified levels of financial success ...

hint: it's not for lack of information or resources!

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