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The Sacred Business Glossary

Table of Contents

Below you will find key phrases and terminology referenced often by The Sacred Business Flow team, and in our Sacred Business Manifesto:

Sacred Business

A business that supports your lifestyle through the creation of more time, money, and freedom. It leads to the fulfillment of your heart’s desire, and is connected to the calling of your soul.

Harmony Map

The Harmony Map is a powerful yet simple tool that allows you to visualize how you relate to yourself, your business, and the divine.

The Love-Led Leap

When you decide to go all in on creating the life of your dreams by sharing your unique gifts with the world, and creating your Sacred Business.


A principal or quality that guides human behavior, as defined by thought, feeling, and action. 

9 Fundamental Frequencies

9 key frequencies for building a harmonious life and Sacred Business.

Fragmented Approach

Separating life into different categories of experience, out of fear and a misguided need to create a sense of safety. This can lead to lack of fulfillment and many other disempowering life circumstances.

Everything is Connected

The understanding that all aspects of life are interconnected, and that we should aspire to achieve balance in our relationship to ourselves, our business, and the divine. It is knowing that the outer experience is a reflection of our inner experience, and that we always have the power to change from the inside out. 

Outer experience

What you see and interact with in the physical world.

Inner Experience

How you experience your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 


A gentle healing modality that promotes balance in the mind and the body. It reduces stress, and removes resistance so that you can access your full creative potential.  The technique works directly with emotions at the subconscious level and is based on the principle that everything is connected.

The Sacred Yes

When you decide to take the Love-Led Leap.

Wild Pilot

When your decisions are rooted in love, bliss, and joy. You don’t allow your decisions to be dictated by self preservation and safety, and instead choose to experience life fully. In this mode, fear does not block you, but can be a powerful guide towards finding your personal growth edge.

3 Convergence Points

The harmonious intersection between you, your business, and the divine, leading to clarity, confidence, and purpose. It is the movement from the fragmented approach towards wholeness, as one begins to operate fully from the understanding that everything is connected. 

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