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What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics is a modality developed by Dr. Morter in the 70s, which I learned from Fernando Reis, his direct student in Brazil. Dr. Morter, a chiropractor, sought to understand why people fall ill and why healing varies among individuals. He observed that after making bone adjustments, the bones often reverted to their previous positions within days or weeks. Through his studies, he concluded that thoughts and emotions significantly influence the body's physical reactions. He found that while the nervous system controls the body, the energetic system—which is in emotion—controls the nervous system.

When I discovered this technique, I began using it for my physical healing. Soon, I applied it more broadly to improve my overall life. I realized that even when we consciously desire something, an unseen force might pull us in a different direction. This led me to use what I call "emotional hygiene," a technique to clear traumas and outdated patterns, propelling me towards my goals. It's applicable to various aspects of life, whether it's your relationship with money, your business, or life in general.

Working with energetics allows us to address the root cause of our issues, enabling consistent, lasting changes. It isn't about temporary fixes but releasing the underlying emotions for a fresh start. Remember, while you won't forget your past, working with energetics is vital to understanding and resolving the core issues.

At Sacred Business Flow, we guide you through both the strategies and actions needed externally, while also focusing significantly on the internal changes necessary for enduring transformation. This technique's beauty lies in its approach: we don't need to rehash every detail of past events because we work with the subconscious mind's power, freeing energy for creative use.

We employ a subconscious protocol during sessions to identify and release emotions tied to subconscious programming. This not only aids in physical healing but also promotes the natural flow of energy, unlocking creativity. As a result, you'll find yourself with increased vitality and the courage to act authentically from the heart.