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What To Expect During Your Bioenergetics Session

What should you expect during our Bioenergetics session?

Typically, sessions last 60 minutes, except for the first one, which may extend a bit longer, between one hour to an hour and a half. It's essential to be in a quiet space and, ideally, in comfortable clothing. You will be lying down, so while there are no strict dress requirements, comfort is preferable.

For the initial 10 to 15 minutes, we will engage in conversation. After this, I will turn off my microphone and camera to perform the energy work. Once I've finished, I will call your name. All sessions will be conducted via Zoom. During the first session, we will collaboratively create a list of topics to focus on throughout our sessions. This list will include aspects from the questionnaire you've previously completed, as well as additional issues we identify and discuss together.

These topics may encompass fears, frustrations, and old patterns you wish to address energetically. I am looking forward to meeting you soon. I truly believe you will find the experience enjoyable and beneficial.