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Work Rituals for Your Sacred Business

I'd like to provide some ideas for creating work rituals for your Sacred Business, which is quite straightforward. It doesn't need to be lengthy. Rather than immediately sitting down to work, consider engaging in a brief ritual to connect with yourself. For instance, you could light a beautiful candle or incense—choose something you enjoy. As you light these items, take the moment to connect internally.

Additionally, consider using an essential oil that you like by applying a small amount. You might also draw a card to set an intention for your workday; I personally enjoy Kyle Gray's deck. If you use a tarot deck, ensure you follow the proper steps to establish a connection before selecting a card that resonates with your day.

"Meditating with the Angels" is another tool, where each page offers a unique message. Simply connect, set your intention (even if it's just for a moment), and open a page for a guiding message. I also recommend Lao Tzu's works; open to a page, read the message, and take a deep breath before starting your day.

This process should be simple and quick, taking no more than five minutes. You can incorporate various elements, such as crystals, if they resonate with you. Remember, it's not about attributing power to the candle, incense, oil, or crystal themselves; these are merely tools to help recall something within you.

They serve as anchor points to ground and prepare you for a sacred workday.