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003: Could Inspiration Be a Choice?

Carolina Wilke
Carolina Wilke
4 min read
003: Could Inspiration Be a Choice?

As I continue to embrace my new role as a Newsletter writer, I find myself attuned to the sources of inspirations that resonate with me. However, there have been moments where I’ve sat down to write and felt totally uninspired.

And from that moment of NO inspiration it came the question:

Where does inspiration come from?

Why do certain situations could be inspiring for some while appearing boring to others?

I realized that yes, of course some scenes might fire this feeling effortlessly, but inspiration’s true source lies within. It comes from how we perceive life and not solely from external stimulation.

It is actually a conscious decision, a deliberate choice we make every day. Intend to feel inspired and watch the magic.

This realization granted me access to a superpower: the ability to harness inspiration at will, regardless of time or place. Have I fully mastered it yet? Not quite. However, I am working towards that goal. The GPS coordinates are now locked in, and my task is to follow that path.

And so, the birth of this newsletter took shape. Out of a meditation session that I did right after sitting down in front of my computer, totally uninspired.

It was a powerful insight for me and I opened myself to see with new eyes all the “normal” things around me. I allowed myself to feel appreciation and inspiration for my day-to-day life and I have been practicing that. Same house, same people, same work, same everything, with different energy and different eyes.

Falling into autopilot mode is all too common, leading us to lose appreciation just for the wonder of being alive.

Have you ever considered how much of life slips away when we don’t allow us to appreciate and feel inspired?

I am allowing everything around me to be a source of inspiration, including the things I don’t like. And it’s been powerful. Out of the things I don’t like I am getting a lot of insights, and out of the things I do like I am getting to increase my appreciation and love for all.

I have a tendency to ask a lot of questions to the Universe. Often, the answers don’t reveal themselves right the way, yet I noticed that the quality of my questions significantly influences the quality of my life as I see my life as the Universe’s response to these inquiries. This leads me to my next questions:

What if inspiration could seamlessly integrate into my daily routine? What if being inspired became my default state? How would I talk to people? Would my communication be different? How would I walk? How would I present myself to the world?

I do consider myself as someone inspired in general, and I do feel A LOT of appreciation. However, I believe there are no limits to this feeling or this way of being. Thus, I am inviting further growth in this realm. How exciting is that?!?!

If you feel you would love to experience more inspiration and appreciation in your own life, consider posing these questions. Welcome the realm of possibilities and allow yourself to be surprised.



What is unfolding in my life? I find myself enjoying the beauty of simple moments while dreaming big and excited with what’s coming ahead. So many plans and ideas flowing through me.

Currently I am engaged in the task of revamping my vision board. Have you created one for yourself?

It’s so much Fun! While the image here isn't my personal board, I wanted to share an example so you feel inspired. Personally, I am using Canva, it's super simple and easy to use, click here if you want to try it out.

I find images and quotes that mirror the path I wish and I create a nice board that helps me remember where I am going. It’s helpful as I know that every step I take now puts me closer to those aspirations.

I also have some cool events popping up on my calendar between now and the end of the year that I am very excited about and when the time comes I will share more details here.

Who We Are Celebrating This Week: Ed Zaydelman

This week I want to celebrate my dear friend who helps people to bring their dreams into reality, Ed Zaydelman. His theme is Live the Possibility and I couldn’t agree more.

If you dream of building a retreat, community or any amazing project in Costa Rica this is your go to. He has an amazing team and over 20 years experience in Pura Vida life.

Check out his work, click here.

Here's What I Want to Share This Week:

Rituals gadget

I love rituals and I feel they help me to stay connected and inspired. I recently found this amazing brand for incense, Sagrada Madre , they are top quality and all natural ingredients.

You probably can find it close to you, check their website here:

Rosemary Powers

I’ve also learned the benefits of rosemary for enhancing focus. I’ve been incorporating fresh rosemary into my mint tea. While the essential oil is also effective, I invite you to try the fresh herb. You might even find it growing in your garden. And the best part? It’s delicious!

Memorable Quote:


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