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016: Costa Rica ...How Could I Be So Wrong?

Carolina Wilke
Carolina Wilke
8 min read
016: Costa Rica ...How Could I Be So Wrong?

It was a cold day in Montreal.

I was having a coaching call related to my business goals and what I was looking to accomplish next.

The question she asked me was, "But why Canada?"

I immediately started to cry and felt a huge release on my shoulders. I said, "I don't want to be here anymore" but for whatever reason was really hard for me to admit that.

Perhaps because everything was going well, it was hard to recognize the end of a cycle. However, I did it. The next question she asked was, "but where do you want to go?".

My answer came out so fast and I said, "I don't know ...Costa Rica".

I have never been in Costa Rica, knew nothing about this country and yet, it came out of my mouth without me even thinking.

Long story short, 6 months later we sold everything, bought one-way tickets, and moved from Canada to Costa Rica.

When I began dreaming about our life in Costa Rica, I envisioned my family and me living near the beach, taking morning walks every day, and being surrounded by nature. I imagined a lush garden in our backyard from which we could gather fresh food. I also pictured my daughter attending a great school nearby, perhaps within biking distance or a short drive away.

A simple life by the ocean, abundant sunlight. In our first year, we planned to explore the country, traveling and visiting all areas. By the second year, we aimed to purchase a house or a piece of land, construct a comfortable home, and settle down.

When I found out I was pregnant, I also imagined a beautiful and powerful home birth.

I had it all figured out in my head.

So, we made the move and now, two years later, what I had imagined didn't happen.

My baby was born in a hospital via C-section, not the home birth I'd imagined. We didn't travel as much as we'd planned due to my pregnancy upon arrival. We live far from the beach, so morning beach walks are a dream unrealized. Despite our best efforts, purchasing land proved really hard and, let's not forget, the traffic in San Jose is intense, and the commute to my daughter's school was really challenging.

What a failure! How did that happened? How could I be so wrong?

At Sacred Business Flow we talk about the frequency of Growth. Growth occurs when we transition from the known to the unknown, when we embody the journey of living in the unfamiliar territory, it's the process of stepping away from the old way of doing things, and it's often marked by discomfort and uncertainty. It's the invitation from life to become your essence. To find out more of who you truly are.

Understanding growth as part of our sacred journey opens us to new possibilities. We begin to perceive life as larger than the projects in our heads. We comprehend that it's not about feeling good all the time, but rather about who we are when we're not feeling good. From a place of power, we embrace life and release the need for things to happen the way we think they should.

Growth involves making a plan in your head, attempting to follow it, and being surprised by life's redirection. Although things didn't unfold as I had anticipated, I feel profoundly blessed for all the experiences I've had here. It feels as if I've lived a lifetime within these two years, and surprisingly, I find myself closer to certain goals that I had imagined would take years to achieve. Moreover, my path is now much clearer than it could have been with my envisioned beach life two years ago.

We are in this planet to grow, to evolve, to discover our essence, which can be very different from the plan you have in your head.

Your plan is created by your ego, by your limited mind that can't see all the gifts that life holds for you. By the way, your intuition is guiding you towards your personal growth and evolution. You will get more than what you can imagine if you are able to let go of your opinions about how life should be.

Apparently, my soul didn't really care about my desire to live by the beach. It wasn't for that reason that I was guided to move to Costa Rica. Instead, it was for something much bigger and more profound than the lifestyle I was looking for.

Having life so different from my original plan, made me face some significant fears. Undergoing a C-section felt like a failure that I had to face it and overcome. I realized that my rigid desire for a natural birth was, in fact, my ego talking. Frustration reached its peak, leading me to connect with my deeper truth: I am not defined by my plans or the lifestyle I lead.

Not having the comfort of a cozy home made me go inside and find comfort within. I experienced deep levels of trust when everything seems to be falling apart. It prompted me to ask some deep questions, which resulted in insightful answers.

I gained clarity and discipline. I learned that sometimes we can't just move on; we have to stay put and sit with the frustration. And that's how we grow.

Yes, from my mind's perspective, moving down here could be considered a failure. But when I see with the eyes of my soul, I know it guided me for growth. It brought me here to collapse time, and in the two years I've been here, I've connected with deep parts of myself that wouldn't have been possible if I had stayed in the known.

I have met the most amazing people with incredible lives. This experience has opened my mind to what is possible and expanded my dreams beyond what I could have imagined just three years ago.

Is Costa Rica amazing? Absolutely. I love this country and I am forever grateful for having made the decision to move here. If I had the choice to go back, I would do everything again.

I came here looking for a lifestyle and I found myself.

If you are experiencing what we often call failure, step back and take a deep breath. This is probably life's shortcut for what you want the most, as the proverb says, it's a blessing in disguise. But you have to allow it to be. 

With Love,



As we approach 2024, I am excited with anticipation for planning the year ahead. I am eager to dive into the adventures that are waiting for us. Our first adventure is already marked on the calendar, a trip back to Texas in March 2024.

We're excited to once again enjoy the delicious food and connect with wonderful people in Austin.

My first contact with Texas BBQ

Our program, Be the Flow, is gradually taking a beautiful form.

I am incredibly proud to share that the level of support we are offering through this program is extraordinary. It encompasses all aspects, from business and marketing strategies to emotional and physical support, ensuring a well-rounded approach.

The power of aligning energy with strategy is something I find deeply compelling. It's a harmony that brings about a unique strength.

Celebrating the success of others is a joy that is close to my heart.

Supporting people on their journey to achieve success and fulfillment in their lives is an honor.

This is what Be The Flow means to me.

I'm currently using my time to reflect on 2023, considering all the gifts and challenges I've encountered.

These past 12 months have felt like five years, and I am deeply grateful for them. Here's a picture of me in Texas, connecting with my higher self ...123-dial now ..

Hello Universe

Welcoming 2024: Understanding the Energy of the Number 8 (2+2+4)

Understanding and utilizing the energies of each year has transformed the way I operate in my life. While we all have personal year numbers, we are guided by the universal frequency of the current year.

Next year is ruled by the frequency of number 8, which is related to material manifestation. I found a short video online that I really appreciated due to the simplicity of its message. It's not about making predictions, but about understanding the available energy so you can use that to your advantage.

Who We Are Celebrating This Week: Darla Ledoux😄

Darla Ledoux

I met Darla in Texas at our last event and her presentation was beautiful. I felt a connection with the way she talks about Source and this powerful connection we have with the Universe.

I started reading her book and I truly recommend it, if you are are coach and want to create meaningful transformations. Darla talks about the balance between masculine structure and feminine flow, which I call in our embodiment classes the balance between essence and structure, and how much power we can find when we allow our essence to flow within a powerful structure.

If it sounds interesting to you, click here for her book.

Shift the Field, by Darla LeDoux

Here's What I Want to Share This Week:

Harmony Map!

I'm excited to share our Harmony Map with you. This is an assessment tool we've crafted with great care, designed to help you identify areas in your life where you're seeking balance as you build your sacred business.

This powerful tool merges your business and personal growth journey, recognizing that all aspects of life are interconnected. It eliminates the notion of compartmentalizing life and promotes the view that your business is an integral part of your divine co-creation.

You thrive when you live by the premise that your business is serving your evolutionary path, the way you relate to the so called business challenges become different. You improve your relationships, you expand your creativity and connect with service from an authentic place.

We're all here to shine our light, and your business serves as a phenomenal tool to achieve this.

Allow yourself to tap into the abundance of time, money, and freedom. Freedom of what? Freedom to be who you want to be! Freedom to live the life you believe is worth living! Right now!

Click here to have access to the assessment , it takes about 12min to complete it.

Sacred Business Harmony Map Assessment™

Memorable Quote:

Abraham Maslow Quote

Carolina Wilke

Co-Founder, and Chief Energy Officer

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