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007: Could Business Be a Sacred Act?

Phil Powis
Phil Powis
8 min read
007: Could Business Be a Sacred Act?

Good morning!

This is the first issue of Be The Flow I'm authoring, and I realize there's a significant number of people on this list that are meeting me for the first time.

So please, allow me to introduce myself if we haven't met :)

I'm so grateful and excited to be partnering with Carolina for this new co-creation of Sacred Business Flow, and the "Be The Flow" newsletter.

I thought since there are also a lot of new people here, I'd use this moment to share a bit of our updated vision for how we plan to serve.

So first, I'd love to propose a question to you:

Is it possible that growing your business could be a sacred act?

I recently posed this question online, and got some really interesting responses:

I'm not here to say that Carolina and I have all the answers, but I'd love to share a bit of our perspective as it relates to how we might answer that question.

If you are here reading this, there is a pretty good chance that you are someone who is already committed to your personal growth, as well as that of your business.

But have you ever noticed how there can feel like this disconnect between the work you are doing on the yoga mat, or meditation cushion, and what you are doing when you sit at your desk to start to work on your tasks for the day?

These can often feel like two worlds apart, and you might even feel like you are putting on a separate identity when you step into the office or start going about your day interacting with your clients or co-workers.

A bit like wearing a mask that holds you separate from “life out there”.

But how can your life be sacred if your business is not?

I recently read that the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work, which begs the question, are you happy with how you are spending your days?

This will end up accounting for over ⅓ of your life, and that’s not even taking into consideration all the time you spent preparing yourself in grade school and university.

It’s not just you.

In fact, the majority of people report they are not happy at the place they spend the majority of their time, doing the things they spend the majority of their time on, and yet they find themselves repeating this routine every single day for a huge part of their life.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It's my belief that you are operating in your fullest expression when there is harmony between you, your business, and the divine.

This becomes a sacred act of co-creation.

When you are in touch with all three and you operate from your essence, The Sacred Business powerfully emerges.

It can’t help but be an abundant source of personal fulfillment, while also being in service to something greater than you, a true gift to this world.

So this is our mission here with Sacred Business Flow.

To support you in reaching this fullest expression of your heart's desire, and to be in touch with your essence.

And with this, you’ll no longer feel that you are alone, and you’ll realize you have the capacity to manifest all the continued support that is needed to move things forward powerfully to create the life of your dreams.

Sacred Business is also a win-win mentality.

It's just just about "me", it's about what's good for "us".

With this belief as the new foundation, it's also our mission to support you in building a roadmap of growth for your business that has the potential to outpace anything you’ve ever held to be possible.

This is probably the thing that most excites me right now about this new direction.

Partnering with Carolina, I feel we are bringing a very unique combination of skills and life experiences together that are rooted both in a deep understanding of the world of business, as well as the more spiritual aspects of working in partnership with the universe to grow in alignment with your deepest truth.

We believe this is what freedom looks like.

A life free of compromise and full of joy, fulfillment, and adventure!

So, if we are virtually meeting for the first time, welcome!

And if we've been connected for some time but this is a new way of relating to "me", thanks for continuing on this new adventure with Carolina and I if it feels aligned.

With Love,

p.s. if you are coming in hot from the Wizard's chest, here is the welcome page you might have missed as a new subscriber.


Q&A with Me!

Carolina has asked me to do a Q&A for the community here as an opportunity to share my intentions with this new business, more about what opportunities I see for supporting you with what you are creating, and just more about how we've arrived at this particular moment in time where I felt ready to move in this new direction.

We're still finalizing the plan, but it's tentatively scheduled for Friday, October 20th, at 4pm eastern via IG Live. More coming soon ...

New Radiant Flow Onboarding Series

If you aren't familiar with Radiant Flow, its an embodied movement membership with 3 opportunities to gather virtually on Zoom each week to work on raising the level of creative energy and inspiration you are bringing into your life.

It's easy for me to confidently declare that it's a very powerful group experience, as I was a paying customer long before we decided to partner up.

And ...most recently Carolina completed filming a series of videos that explain some of the more "esoteric" or lesser known elements of the practices that we've been getting a lot of questions about.

These will help new members integrate more easily into the classes with a little more understanding about the "why" behind some of what we do during our time together.

Things like central channel breathing, the golden egg, and building circuitry :)

If you would like to give Radiant Flow a try, here's a free trial offer ...

not a real video, just proof that we are working on it :)

Becoming Unstoppable Workshop

I am excited to share that Carolina will be offering a workshop on "Becoming Unstoppable," in Zen Habit's Fearless Living Academy on October 25th. I had the opportunity to introduce Carolina to Leo and have her join us as part of the teaching staff at the most recent Fearless Intensive in Costa Rica. It was a great match, and so she has been invited back again to offer an online workshop for the larger community.

Learn more here.

The art, ecstasy & energetics of crafting a life-changing offer

I would love to invite you to join me in a beautiful opportunity to come down to Costa Rica to relate with your work and business in a different way.

Join us in Costa Rica!

This is live retreat intensive that Ry Schwartz and I (via our Empire Engineering business) dreamed up earlier this year, and Carolina will also be a partnering with us in a big way to bring her magic to the teaching staff and overall experience design.

The event is all in service to helping you create new offers that are:

  1. Soul-Expanding for You
  2. Life-Changing For Your Audience
  3. Boundary-Pushing For Your Industry
  4. In Sacred Service to Something Bigger

You will find the perfect environment for creativity and support for all your new endeavors.

This retreat will happen in Costa Rica, Playa Grande from February 22-26th, 2024.

Attendance will be limited to 15 participants so be sure to check it out here and let me know if you'd like to have a conversation about it (you can just reply to this email).

Who We Are Celebrating This Week: Toku McCree

Toku is an incredible coach who I recently had the opportunity to support in growing his business in a way that's not only more profitable, but also creates the space for more creativity like completing the book he is currently working on, Zen and the Art of Coaching.

Toku and I on a "work hike" in El, Rodeo Costa Rica during a recent VIP weekend.

I was originally introduced to him by our mutual friend Leo Babauta from Zen Habits when we were both living in St. Petersburg, Florida pre-pandemic.

Toku has always lived life a bit unconventionally, and I feel that many of his experiences have led to a very unique perspective on coaching.

In 2008, Toku left a successful career in the entertainment business to move into a Zen monastery where he trained as a Zen monk for 2 years.

In 2011 he left the monastery with a deep desire to share what he had learned with the world.

In time he went on to build a 6-figure coaching business, and then in 2018 launched the Coaching Dojo, a transformative coaching training program that emphasized mastery over methods.

Then in 2020, he introduced the coachingMBA, teaching students across the world practical skills for building a coaching business grounded in integrity and authenticity.

One of the the things I admire the most about Toku is his commitment to personal mastery and discipline.

He measures his progress in terms of genuine connection, deep understanding of his clients, and creating sustainable results.

If you would like to preview the first three chapters of his upcoming book, check it out here.

Here's What I Want to Share This Week:

Heat + Energy // Self Meditation (Click Here)

This is a POWERFUL breathwork practice for bringing in the energies of creativity, action, passion and power.

I just did this practice right before putting the newsletter together this morning :)

It might be a bit different than practices you might have experienced in the past, but I encourage you to give it a try.

Ship 30 for 30 (Click Here)

I joined this cohort-based writing course/challenge about two years ago and it was INCREDIBLE. In fact, it was part of the the inspiration for how we set up our CTC Circle community over at Empire Engineering.

I decided to enroll for a second time for the October cohort, as a way to really get into the energy of writing more about the topics I plan to be sharing here at Sacred Business Flow.

I think this may have been the last cohort of the year, but if you are looking to develop your online writing skills, I highly recommend joining this at the next available opportunity.

One of the most well-done online experiences I've had to date and I've consumed a lot over the years!

Memorable Quote:


Phil Powis

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Sacred Business Flow

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