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002: Embrace Support: It's Okay to ask for Help!

Carolina Wilke
Carolina Wilke
5 min read
002: Embrace Support: It's Okay to ask for Help!

I want to remind you that asking for help is okay. I gave birth last year to my second baby, it was beautiful but a very intense process. I had a midwife, and throughout the whole pregnancy, I was preparing myself for a home birth.

Due to my son's position, after 12 hours of active labor at home, we decided to go to the hospital. He wasn't moving down, I was fully dilated with all the contractions, so it ended up with me having a C-section. On top of the C-section, they gave me three epidurals because of the pain I was feeling.

Not sure what happened there, but after giving birth and when I got home, I could barely walk. For three weeks, I couldn't stand up straight because something in my lower back was painful and blocked my movement.

My mom, who is also a Bioenergetics Medicine practitioner (same technique I work with), was with me and helped me a lot. After that, I continued treating myself using the self administered version of this same technique until I became fully functional.

However, months later, I still felt a pinching kind of painful sensation, and I was just stuck trying to fix it myself. After all, I work with an amazing healing technique, so in my head, I thought I needed to figure it out on my own.

I finally gave up on trying to do it alone and booked some bioenergetics sessions with a completely different practitioner. I am happy to celebrate with you that it has been a couple of weeks since I no longer have that pain/discomfort.

Why am I sharing all of this?

Because there is power in asking for help.

It takes courage and strength to acknowledge that we don't have all the answers to handle a situation on our own. When we ask for help, we embrace vulnerability that can lead to deeper and beautiful connections with others.

Seeking assistance can also fast-track our learning and personal growth.

It allows us to benefit from the wisdom and insights of others.

We can also overcome challenges in a lighter and easier way when we face certain obstacles.

They can seem huge when faced alone. However, when we ask for help, we tap into collective resources and partnership, making the obstacle feel smaller and sometimes disappear just by changing our perspective and seeing how others view the situation.

Take a moment here and see where you could use some help in your life. Open yourself to feeling supported. Ask questions and seek assistance. Let's stop struggling alone and trying to figure it all out.

Life can be easier if we allow it to be.

No matter your profession or how many diplomas you have or how good you are at what you do, be open and ask for help.

And watch the magic.

Sometimes seeking help can bring someone special into your life, a new connection, a new relationship. Maybe the problem you are facing is not a problem to be solved alone. Life could be inviting you to go beyond your individuality and tap into the power of the collective.


Launching New Program

I am getting to launch my long-term program Master your Energy Master your Life: An integrative approach to success. I am super excited about this program. It has helped me to bring so much emotional stability to my life during moments of intense changes and challenges, and still is. Soon I will have more to share.

Brazil Here I Go

Flight booked to go to Brazil next month for some updates on the Bioenergetics Medicine, the website is in Portuguese, but you can use the google translate option, if you want to check more about it, click here.

This is a picture of my teacher Fernando Reis, me and my Mom last year. I am forever grateful for his passion, dedication and all of his teachings. It has transformed my life.

Yes! I have a New Youtube Channel

I have a new YouTube Channel! To access weekly video tips on boosting energy. creativity and willpower, while experiencing deeper confidence and clarity in your own path and purpose, click here

Who We Are Celebrating This Week: Phil Powis

This week I want to take the time to celebrate Phil Powis.

He is THE manifestation of HELP in my business life.

You know that saying when the student is ready the teacher appears, that's what it is. I have been asking for help for my business for a while, but I wasn’t clear about the type of help I needed but the feeling of partnership and support was very clear in my body.

When I met him and he briefly explained what he does I felt he was the person I was looking for. He has been my great help towards my next step in my career, he does all that boring marketing stuff become a sacred and divine practice.

HOW ?!??!

I have no idea, you can check his business and ask him directly, just click here. He is so connected, kind and an amazing listener that you barely say what you need and he's already ready to respond.

Here's What I Want to Share This Week:

Following the topic HELP… There are many ways we can ask for help, not always it has to involve other people. Sometimes you could use some Universal Help, asking questions or asking for clarity and this deck of cards is really amazing. It has been super helpful for me. It’s always spot on. You can buy it online, here is the link for you to check it out.

Another tip on asking for Help I would like to share is this powerful Hebrew mantra I learned from one of my teachers. It helps me to feel the connection with the whole Universe, and connect with a power that goes beyond my mind. Becoming one with the Universe and Nature. When I tap into this energy, I connect with all the help I need, and I can feel the support even before the physical manifestation of it. There are many tools out there, we just need to remember to use it when we need it.

Check this out: (23) YHVH POWERFUL MANIFESTING MANTRA [Meditation Music] (by Intentional Sounds ) - YouTube

video preview

Memorable Quote:

"Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is ask for help." - Unknown


Carolina Wilke

Co-Founder, and Chief Energy Officer

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