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Experience Matters ...

Phil Powis
Phil Powis
1 min read

When was the last time you were really delighted by an email you received?

I mean, really tickled to the core?

Think back to when that happened for you.

What was it that really captivated your attention? What was the essence of the experience, if you had to distill it down to just one word?

It's no longer a secret - the more you can build subtle touchpoints into your automated sales process that leave someone feeling less like a number at the supermarket deli line - the more you win.

Bonus points if you actually care :)

Seriously, though - intent also matters.

I believe that there is something energetic that is transmitted over the wires when you send an email.

Pay attention to your own internal state when you click "send" or sit down to write your next email.

How are you feeling?





On Edge?


I'd like to suggest that in some ways, your state matters more than the words you put down on paper or tweet out into the digital universe.

I once worked with an executive coach who had me do an exercise to bring awareness to my "essence" state vs my "survival mechanisms".

This has helped bring attention to my motivations as I go about my day.

Who would you rather get an email from?

The F*cked Capacitor, or the 🧙 Wizard of Ease?

The same is true for you.

I encourage you to really feel into what you are bringing forth, and ensure it's an energy that is in service of better outcomes for your clients and potential clients.

If not - take a breather, or do what I do...go meditate before getting back to it.

That is all.


P.S. - if you want to see the spreadsheet that came out of the essence exercise, check it out here.

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Phil Powis

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Sacred Business Flow