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028: Honoring the Cycles of Creation

Carolina Wilke
Carolina Wilke
4 min read
028: Honoring the Cycles of Creation

Imagine you are someone who loves to know what's coming next, who has a clear plan, and even several alternatives if your Plan A doesn't work. You are someone who feels secure when you can control the things around you.

However, you have now reached a plateau and are unsure of what to do next. Let's take your business as an example. You are a successful online entrepreneur, but the strategies that once brought you easy success and significant results no longer seem to work. You are not achieving the same outcomes as before.

You might be wondering, "What's wrong with my strategy?" Or you may start questioning your business itself. Perhaps you're scrutinizing your product, or even questioning your clients.

However, we often fail to contemplate: "What is life inviting me to now? What opportunity lies here? How can I evolve into a better person through this process?"

Everything has a cycle, if we observe nature we witness them in various forms: the four seasons, the migration of animals, the phases of the moon, the cycle of day and night, and many more everywhere we look we can find cycles. Including in your business.

This process is both natural and inevitable. We cannot avoid the phases of a cycle, just as we cannot prevent night from falling or a new season from arriving. We have no power to halt the birth of another cycle.

However, we often feel that we can avoid these cycles in our own evolution. We cling to certain things due to our preferences, not only attempting to avoid cycles, but also the phases within those cycles. This resistance causes considerable suffering and the feeling of being stuck.

I believe that one of the greatest pieces of wisdom we can learn in life is the ability to recognize the phase of the cycle we are currently in. By doing so, we can honor it and show up with the right energy, propelling us forward.

It takes courage to explore life in this manner.

Perhaps you'll need to venture into the unknown, to question your heart about whether you're genuinely pursuing your passion, or if there are ways to infuse more love into your current endeavors.

Your energy field has outgrown your current reality, and that's why your old methods of operating in the world are no longer effective.

When you start asking yourself these questions, you are transitioning into a new cycle. Your soul yearns for more; your heart seeks more. However, because your mind cannot comprehend what 'more' entails, you experience fear and uncertainty.

The old ways are not working, but you don't know yet what is next.

In the entrepreneurial journey, you might be transitioning from an opportunistic phase to an exploratory one. Simply identifying a market opportunity is no longer sufficient. Your upcoming cycle is inviting you towards authenticity, self-expression, and the courage to be yourself.

One of the main reflections here is, "I know there is more to this. What is it? How do I create a structure that supports the life of my dreams? What is my calling?"

Are you interested in allowing the cycles to guide you in your life?

We engage in a cycle of creation, sustenance, destruction, and then enter a void before initiating creation again. Each phase of this cycle requires a distinct energy. I encourage you to recognize which phase you are currently in.

If you find yourself in the destruction phase but are clinging to the energy of sustenance, you may feel out of sync. Often, physical discomfort manifests when we are in one cycle but yearn for another.

This incongruity in our energy flow can result in sensations such as a knot in the stomach, anxiety, or feeling choked.

If you feel there is more to what you want to experience in your business and life, I invite you to answer the questions below and start reflecting on them. Perhaps you are transitioning from the destruction phase into the void; honor the energy of detachment and let go of the things that are not working. These questions can provide some clarity.

Don't try to enter a new cycle with old energy; you might end up recreating a different experience with the same energy, and that will not elevate your life experience.

  1. How have I been neglecting my own needs in order to provide for others?
  2. How is fear keeping me stuck in unhealthy patterns and how can I move forward with courage?
  3. What is the most effective way of connecting with my inner strength and power?
  4. In what ways have I been blocking abundance, security, and grounding from coming into my life?

With Love,


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Celebrating WHO

Leticia Torgo

I am celebrating Leticia Torgo, an amazing astrologer and tarot reader. I often seek her wisdom and knowledge when I require more clarity. As she puts it, "Tarot will show you what is already within, but it will help you see it with more clarity."

If you want to check out her work please click here 

What I want to share

I love Dr. Sue's teachings; they form the basis of my embodiment practice. In this video, she discusses making decisions based on what is within you, turning inward, and not using the external world as a reference.

This internal reference is what helps us honor all the cycles and sometimes make decisions that may appear nonsensical or irrational to others because they're not based on what we can see, but what we feel. Honoring your inner guidance is extremely important to move your life to the next level.

Trust yourself more. You've got this.​

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Carolina Wilke

Co-Founder, and Chief Energy Officer

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