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038: Allowing the invisible to become visible and the power of discipline

Carolina Wilke
Carolina Wilke
5 min read
038: Allowing the invisible to become visible and the power of discipline

The journey of creation is filled with many challenges. Confronting and overcoming these obstacles are essential steps in dispelling certain beliefs and harnessing our full potential as creators.

There are no shortcuts in this process, and every achievement demands a price. The universe operates on a principle of cause and effect. The more you're willing to invest, the more you're likely to gain.

Consider these investments as a matter of energy: the more energy you commit to a project, the greater the likelihood of reaping rewards from your efforts.

By energy, I am referring to the time you allot to this new endeavor, the degree of mental focus you direct towards your objectives, and your feelings about the progress of your goals. Your overall emotional state plays a crucial role.

Therefore, managing your emotions is a vital aspect of this journey towards making the invisible visible. I believe it's as critical as the actions you undertake.

So, how do you transition from having an idea or a dream to actually bringing it to life and experiencing it?

Discipline and faith are extremely important in this journey.

Discipline helps you maintain consistency and focus on your goals, and faith keeps you on track, regardless of the timeline necessary for you to bring your idea to life.

How do we embody that?

With consistent actions.

Embodying faith is a significant aspect of our journey. It is the deep-seated belief that we will achieve what we set out to do. It's not just about knowing it, but truly feeling it in every fiber of our being.

Coupled with discipline, this faith allows us to persevere, taking consistent actions towards our goals. There may be a period where the results are not immediately visible, but with faith, we continue to strive, assured that our efforts will eventually bear fruit.

This potent combination of discipline and faith instills within us the confidence to persist and keep progressing on our journey to create our Sacred Business.

Your Sacred Business is a venture that originates from your heart, and it's something that genuinely excites you. It's unique to you. Engaging in this venture can be quite challenging, as it will require you to operate more from your heart than your mind. However, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for your entire life.

If you are at the initial stages of your creative process, you might need to undertake tasks that challenge your mindset and ego. These tasks may be intimidating and easy to dismiss, especially when you don't immediately see the results. However, it's crucial to consistently work on maintaining your energy and keeping your vibrations high.

Even if you have the best plan, without aligning your energy and focus with your goals, you will not be able to manifest anything truly remarkable.

Many individuals spend their entire lives seeking security, finding it difficult to rise above mediocrity. This is true not only for aspiring entrepreneurs, but also for those who have already achieved success yet feel emotionally drained and empty inside.

Embodying faith is one of the biggest challenges we can face in this journey.

The reason?

We become our own worst enemies, paralyzed by fear. Fear of feeling, fear of rejection, fear of being different. We let these fears block our progress instead of fueling our journey forward.

However, I assure you, the person you will become after overcoming these fears is worth meeting. The unique idea that you passionately hold in your heart serves as your guiding star, leading you towards success, abundance, fulfillment, and joy that you seek.

You know how it is said you should write down your goals and look at them every day? Well, it's true. Discussing your vision with a trusted individual as if it has already become your reality? Absolutely. And those embodiment sessions where you physically experience the feeling of achieving your goal? Essential. These are the tasks that require your dedicated discipline, especially in the early stages.

And it has to be paired with faith, as you will do all this without seeing anything in the outer world. And that will help you build a huge level of confidence that will sustain your business once it's born. But you gotta do it.

You have the choice now: "Get busy living or get busy dying" -Stephen King.

With Love,


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Celebrating WHO

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

I would like to celebrate the work of Rabbi Daniel Lapin. His perspective on cultivating a spiritual relationship with money has been enlightening. His teachings, grounded in ancient Jewish wisdom, are delivered in a manner that is both accessible and profound.

Here is What I Want to Share This Week:

Book by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

One of his notable publications, "Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money" provide invaluable insights into the intersection of finance and spirituality.

About Discipline

About the importance of discipline and focus in manifesting greatness in your life, I drew inspiration for this newsletter from a remarkable book by Jeff Olson "The Slight Edge"

Quick message on discipline

In this video, Phil offers a fresh take on the concept of discipline, sharing tips on how to approach it in a more effortless manner. Many individuals struggle with the idea of discipline, mistakenly associating it with a loss of freedom.

This misconception can prevent you from achieving your most important goals. Learn how to leverage discipline to your advantage by watching this video.

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Carolina Wilke

Co-Founder, and Chief Energy Officer

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