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039: The Ache of Wanting

Phil Powis
Phil Powis
6 min read
039: The Ache of Wanting

Have you ever wanted something so badly it hurt? Have you ever felt so alive and passionate that you knew in your soul what you desired was going to happen?

This kind of unwavering desire is crucial for creating success. Napoleon Hill describes it as "the definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and burning desire to possess it."

This is powerful when you can activate it!

After I recovered from my thyroid surgery a few years ago, I felt this burning desire: What if I could not only reclaim my health but also have the best body of my life in my 40s?

To look and feel better than I did at 18?

It felt audacious to say it out loud, but I knew I could create it if I got clear on my purpose and held a strong intention.

I went from struggling with a 10-minute yoga session to doing full classes four times a week. Then, I started running the hills in Costa Rica and set my first goal of completing a 10K, something I had never done before. I faced my fear of the gym, hired a personal trainer this past January, and started working out four times a week.

Now, I can honestly say I've arrived. I look and feel better than I ever have.

Sure, theres always more work to do, but I am really happy and proud of my progress, and most importantly, I feel so much better in my body!

And sure, I worked out like this when I was 18, but I had a ton of unhealthy habits back then that I no longer deal with now!

We all have visions of how things could be. Why do I share this story?

Wanting to create something in your life can be painful. A big part of why I wanted a new experience of my body was that I spent almost a decade struggling with perceived health issues and feeling a lack of vitality. So if you had asked me back then if I wanted a better body, my answer would have come from a place of lack.

But after healing, a funny thing happened. That lack transformed into desire...the desire to experience life in new and exciting ways. My desire to create a better body and feel more vital came from a place of possibility, not lack.

So when you think about a want, there are two meanings depending on where you're sourcing your energy and intentions from: desire or lack.

That's why dreaming big can be painful.

When you let yourself dream, you experience both the lack of something in your life and the strong desire for it.

It's important to ask yourself which one is dominant as you make decisions to take on big changes in your life.

If your primary motivation is rooted in lack, you'll often bail when things get tough or put yourself down when things don't go as planned because you're feeding your story of lack.

When you're rooted in desire, not born of lack, you'll focus on possibility, fun, creativity, and curiosity as you take action toward your goal.

And when things don't go perfectly, you'll simply ask, "What is this?" and continue using your creative energy to achieve your goals.

This is powerful.

It's also important to surround yourself with friends and allies who can support your dreams. Its all too common to face negativity or resistance when sharing your dreams with others.


Because of the two sides of the want coin: desire and lack. When you share your big dream, it can make others aware of their lack. This can make others uncomfortable because your desire highlights their lack.

Be careful who you share your goals and vision with. People often respond by raining on your parade or not sharing your enthusiasm because it's hard for them to confront their own lack of vision or the dreams they’ve chosen not to follow.

In the end, its about creating a new reality for yourself, one decision at a time. Stay focused on your desire, embrace the possibilities, and be mindful of the company you keep. Your commitment to your dreams is what will ultimately lead to a greater experience of joy and fulfillment.

And every move you make towards your goal, no matter how small, is building the life you envision.

Keep going, stay strong, and let the ache of wanting guide you.


Carolina and I are working with a super-talented designer, Matt Strieby from Newleaf Design to bring the Sacred Business Flow Manifesto to life visually for it's official release later this year.

It's such a fun creative process to imagine your ideas in visual form, and we are really enjoying the process. Here is an early sketch prototype from the first round of ideas that we are working with so far.

Thanks to Billy Broas, creator of the 5 Lightbulbs for the recommendation!

Who We Are Celebrating:

Carolina Wilke - Co-Founder, Sacred Business Flow

This week I'm taking pause to celebrate Carolina on completing her recent Mind in Sync training in San Paulo, Brazil, where she was further integrating advanced Bioenergetics techniques for working with the subconscious mind.

Carolina has recently been going through a big international move, and throughout the changes has remained dedicated to continuing to invest in up-leveling her own skills in service to supporting our clients in the deepest ways possible.

Her discipline and commitment to her craft and strengthening her own capacity is something I admire.

Carolina Wilke, Co-Founder, Sacred Business Flow

Here is What I Want to Share This Week:

Walk Off The Earth


Carolina shared this video with me, and the kid in the front is awesome! I'm a little behind on what's hot these days in the music world, but this group is super original, and it looks like they are living their dream traveling the world sharing their gifts. They recently performed on the streets of Costa Rica.

I love it.

Nippon Kodo - Ka Fuh Cypress Hinoki Incense (link)

We often talk about ritual here at Sacred Business for setting your work day up with awareness and devotional sincerity (a term I learned about from one of my teachers, Eric Klein at Wisdom Heart.

Rather than immediately sitting down to work, consider engaging in a brief ritual to connect with yourself. For instance, you could light a beautiful candle or incense—choose something you enjoy. As you light these items, take the moment to connect internally.

They can serve as anchor points to ground and prepare you for a sacred workday.

Recently, I was recommended this Japanese incense and I love it as a way to start my work day!

Nippon Kodo - Ka-fuh Scents in The Wind - Cypress Hinoki 450 Sticks

Honoring Your Desires (link)

Sometimes, when we share our desires with loved ones, their perspective may be different, and their opinions can have a strong impact on us.

I invite you to connect within, journal your desires, and be mindful of who you share them with until you have full confidence in yourself.

It's crucial to keep your desires to yourself until you can fully embody your power to manifest. Only then, share them with people who operate in the same frequency and can support you with possibilities.

Check it out here!

Memorable Quote:

"Don't avoid discipline. You have learned ways to make a living for your body. Now learn to support your soul. You wear fine clothing. How do you dress your spirit?​
This world is a playground where children pretend to have shops.

Sometimes when they wrestle, it may look like sex, but none of it is real.

They exchange imaginary money.

Night comes, and they go home tired with nothing in their hands" - Rumi


Phil Powis

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Sacred Business Flow

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