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033: The Inner Program

Phil Powis
Phil Powis
4 min read
033: The Inner Program

Today, I want to talk about something that might sound a bit counter-intuitive at first - embracing your inner programs.

Yes, you read that right.

In a recent conversation with my friend and happiness mentor, Yaniv Shanti, we dove deep into the idea that we all have a program, an internal narrative, which we can also think of as an addiction, that we continually feed.

This program can be a set of limiting beliefs, self-doubt, fears, or any other negative thought pattern that holds us back.

The problem arises when we let this program take control, when we let it dictate how we live our lives, and how we make decisions about the actions we take. This is when we can begin to experience suffering in our lives, even if everything looks good on the surface.
But here's the thing, just as you can't destroy an addiction, you can't destroy your "program" either.

Instead, what you can do is acknowledge it, make peace with it, and learn to live in abstinence from it.

This is where the concept of "one day at a time" comes in. Just like an addict learns to live in abstinence one day at a time, we too can learn to live in abstinence from our mental programs one day at a time.

This makes the process of overcoming our program so much more achievable.

But how do we do that?

By being present.

By consciously creating new neural pathways that serve our higher self. By stepping out of our minds and back to our core.

This week, I invite you to play with this idea.

Every time you catch yourself being dictated by your mental programs, pause for a moment, step out of your mind, and come back to your core. Breathe deeply through your nose, allowing your belly to expand as you draw in air. Hold this breath for a moment, then slowly exhale through your mouth, letting your belly contract.
Repeat this process a few times (up to 60 seconds), focusing on the sensation of breath entering and leaving your body. It's a form of micro-meditation that you can bring into your everyday life.

The goal is not to 'fix' ourselves.

A more fruitful goal may be to make peace with our programs and to redirect the energy we waste fighting them towards that which serves our highest vision, and the calling of our soul.


I'm hanging in Playa Del Carmen This Week Supporting My Client Toku w/ his epic Coaching MBA 5 Launch!

It's a real gift when I am able to be on site with a client to connect, while also supporting their work. Joining Toku in Playa was perfect timing for me to have a nice change of pace, and to do some great work jams around town. Outside our our sessions, I've been working on half-speed, and enjoying a bit of vacation and fun in the sun!

Who We Are Celebrating:

Shanti Yaniv - Happiness Activist

Shanti has been a great friend and mentor to me personally and supporter of my work over the years.

Currently I'm learning a lot from him through his new Happiness Mentorship program he's recently begun to offer.

He's also contributed greatly to so many of the live experiences I've helped create here in Costa Rica, with his now famous "Happiness Activation" experience.

He'll be offering another one on April 20th, so if anyone might find themselves in Costa Rica during this time, give me a shout. This 3+ hour experience is well worth the trip down alone

learn more about his work here!

Shanti Yaniv

Here is What I Want to Share This Week:

Embracing Expansion and Contraction (link)

In this video, Carolina discusses the dance between the negative and positive aspects of life and how we can learn to embrace both.

Check out this exercise where we consciously invite contraction into our lives, just like how we contract our bodies when facing challenges.

By doing this exercise, we can become aware of our thought patterns and self-talk, and have the opportunity to change them.

Through belly breathing and conscious awareness, we can train our nervous system to understand that it is safe to go through contraction and ultimately, navigate through challenges with ease.

Check it out

Suno, the magical AI song generator (link)

This has to be one of the most magical apps I've experienced in a while. Suno uses AI to create fully composed songs with "human-like" singers, and I have to admit if I didnt know it was AI, I'm not so sure I could tell the difference in many cases.

Playing with this app is a ton of fun. You can supply your own lyrics, or you can just share some raw ideas, and have it's lyric generator create the lyrics for you.

You then choose a musical style or genre, and shazam! Suno does it's magic.

If you are looking for a way to entertain yourself on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this could be just what you were looking for :)

Check it out!

Memorable Quote:


Phil Powis

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Sacred Business Flow

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