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037: Turning Down a Dance Party for the Desk ...

Phil Powis
Phil Powis
6 min read
037: Turning Down a Dance Party for the Desk ...

Today, I'm exploring the power of embracing short-term sacrifices for long-term gains, a principle that can guide us in moments of temptation and immediate pleasures that could take us away from our goals.

It's a bit meta because it's 10am on a Saturday morning in Nosara, Costa Rica. I'm watching the warm morning sun pour through the windows, and onto the couch where I'm seated, writing this newsletter essay.

Wait, what?

I'm only here till Tuesday, a block away from the beach, and there are a million things I'd love to be exploring right now.

Worse yet, when a last-minute invite to the ecstatic dance party arrived a few moments ago, my heart sank. The pulsing beats, the laughter, the freedom of dancing barefoot on the sand—it all flashed before my eyes. Turning it down was difficult.

Why, you might ask?

In all honesty, I could have avoided this fate with a little better planning, but earlier in the week, I thought that writing my newsletter from the beach would infuse me with the creative energy I was looking for to write something honest from the heart.

And that's true, it's super inspiring here.

The infectious energy of Nosara is palpable, with the raw, untamed beauty of lush greenery and the not-so-distant roar of ocean waves calling to me.

Bakers Beach, Nosara

And this house is gorgeous.

Our spot for the next few days...thanks Live The Possibility!

But I gravely miscalculated how many things would be competing for my time and attention.

But here I am, getting it done.

And I know I'll still have a ton of fun later today.

Why do I tell you this story?

Except for a small handful of you that might wait for the newsletter to drop right at 7:05am Costa Rica on Sundays, it's highly likely that most of our newsletter subscribers wouldn't even miss it if Be The Flow 037 didn't drop tomorrow.

If you are part of that small handful of people, I'd love it if you let me know 😄

But I'd know it.

And in the end, that's what matters.

I'm fully committed to the vision that Carolina and I hold for Sacred Business Flow, and that means showing up sometimes even when there are more alluring, pleasurable opportunities being dangled in front of my face.

The temptation to choose immediate gratification over holding out for a long-term win is strong in today's world.

The choice to engage in fun activities or relax instead of staying focused on your goals can be a strong temptation.

However, this often leads to missed opportunities and potential regrets, especially when deadlines loom and important goals hang in the balance.

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't make space and time for rest, fun, and relaxation. Not at all.

The argument I'm making here is that if you've made a commitment to yourself and others, there's real power in following through in the face of distraction, especially when it's something that no one other than yourself would even notice.

These small victories add up over time, build self-confidence, and ultimately compound, often making the difference between success and failure.

But in the moment, it's hard to see this connection when it's just you having a conversation with yourself about whether to stay the course with your commitment or to take the day off and let loose.

Time is a finite resource, and every choice made has an impact.

It's also important to know yourself and be honest about your capacity in any given situation.

For example, one could argue, why not go to the ecstatic dance party, hit the beach, and write your newsletter later in the afternoon, Phil?

The simple fact of the matter is my productivity and creativity peak around lunchtime, and while I can push through and get things done throughout the afternoon, it's often without the spark of energy I have in the morning.

And I like to capture that.

Ultimately, the practice of making short-term sacrifices for long-term gains is about more than just missing out on fun activities; it's about setting a foundation for future success and fulfillment. It requires a deep understanding of one's goals and the pathways to achieve them.

It involves a commitment to discipline and a focus on the bigger picture.

And there's nothing more satisfying than seeing it all come together in the end.

The practice of making short-term sacrifices for long-term gains is not just about foregoing immediate pleasures; it's a foundational strategy for achieving lasting success and fulfillment. Each decision you make to prioritize your long-term goals over short-term temptations is a step towards creating a powerful new reality for yourself.

One decision. One step. One building block at a time.


I'm here with Ed Zaydelman, founder of Live the Possibility for a bit of a "workcation" opening up to new creative thinking and also for a bit of networking with the local Nosara crowd.

It's been over two years since I've been in Nosara, and it's wild to see the pace at which development continues to progress. It's one of my favorite spots in Costa Rica, and it's a blast to be back while also supporting a client in staying focused on his meaningful work this week while also connecting and networking around ideas to grow business and collaboration.

Who We Are Celebrating:

Lester Seal - Sound Mandala Experiences

One of the most beautiful aspects of travel is the people you meet as you make your way through the world. Last night we hosted a small get-together and the house, and I got to have a nice conversation with Lester, who is a talented sound healer and ceremony musician who is well known here in Costa Rica.

It was inspiring to hear about his journey, and the vision he holds for his land in Puerto Viejo. He plans to create a sanctuary for artists to come and be in residence to have the space to create in nature.

You can check out one of his tracks here.

Lester Seals, Sound Healer

Here is What I Want to Share This Week:

Be Well: New Spa and Bath Culture and the Art of Being Well


I just came across this book the shelf here at the house I'm staying at, and it's a beautiful collection of spas and hotels across the globe that integrate nature and invoke a sense of wellbeing. I've already added one to my short-term wish list :)


Bodhi Tree Gym (link)

One of the important things to me when I travel is to keep up my vitality practices, which includes finding a good local gym to get in my workouts. This week, you'll find me at one of Bodhi Tree's two gym options, one of which is air-conditioned with a beautiful view, and the other has a nice open-air vibe.

If you ever find yourself in Nosara, and are a lover of yoga this is a great place to check out.

Creating New Habits for Success (link)

In this week's video message, Carolina explores the role of persistence in achieving your dreams. Whether it’s returning to the gym, abstaining from alcohol, or launching a new business idea, learn why it’s essential not to let minor setbacks derail your progress.

This message emphasizes the importance of picking up where you left off, keeping your vision alive, and being kind to yourself along the way.

Check it out here!

Memorable Quote:

Pablo Picasso


Phil Powis

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Sacred Business Flow

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