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WC 023: Wonder Stress

We often think of stress as related to those things we don't want to do.

Phil Powis
Phil Powis
5 min read

I've been experiencing high levels of what I'd describe as "Wonder Stress" this week: a bit of overwhelm as I've transitioned into life in Costa Rica.

We often think of stress as related to those things we don't want to do.

Or related to the obstacles that stand in our way that invoke a feeling of fear about our capacity to get a particular result.

Or at least that's how I think about it.

But Wonder Stress is a bit of a different animal.

It's the natural outcome of stretching and growing yourself into the person that's required to fulfill the highest vision you can hold for your life at any given time.

I sometimes imagine that when I finally "arrive" and achieve the things I've always dreamed of, it will be accompanied by an immediate sense of calm and ease.

That pinnacle mountain top moment.

That is not always the case.

My experience of hitting new goals and achievements is that they are often accompanied by new sources of stress as you adapt to your "new normal."

Examples from the last month or two for me:

  • Launching CTC Circle is something I've always wanted to do, but it's created new stress as I've had to show up in new ways for our members that I'm not yet fully adapted to.
  • Moving to Costa Rica has been AMAZING, yet there are so many unknowns to traverse in unfamiliar territory. This has added a layer of stress to my daily experience - at least in the short term.

These are examples of Wonder Stress.

I find it essential to remember that when stressful situations emerge alongside a newly minted reality, I have chosen this path.

Asked and so received.

And it's all good.

If you find yourself in a place of wonder stress, it's valuable to take things in stride and to slow down to fully experience the wonder of what's been created.

To bask in the recognition that you've powerfully created this experience.

Things will find a new state of equanimity in time, and from this place, you'll continue to stretch yourself into unfamiliar territory, for this is who you are.

A powerful creator.

But never forget your agency in all of this.

We have far more power to create our daily experiences than we usually give ourselves credit for.

I'd love to know, where have you experienced "Wonder Stress" lately?

Also, what do you see for yourself on the other side of it?

Here's What I Want to Share This Week:

1. We hosted executive coach and former Olympic Swimmer David Karasek for our monthly guest workshop on Monday in CTC Circle: Hang around the entrepreneurial space for long enough, and you’ll be flooded with a laundry list of routines, habits, and optimizations that seemingly MUST fall in line for you to have a fighting chance at success.

But no matter how much you try to engineer your environment, you soon realize that you’re not as omnipotent as a self-help book might assume.

There’s a degree of "chaos" in every ecosystem that can’t be accounted for.

Only mitigated.

This was a fascinating topic of discussion during our time together.

If you are a member, the replay is waiting for you on the inside.

You can also check out a bit of a recap of our conversation with David here.

2. This week, I've been doing an SEO writing deep dive via a course on using Frase. I came across it via a random Facebook post, and I've been impressed!

I'm learning how to use Frase better to write SEO-focused content to rank higher (huge op for coaches and consultants), as well as how to create custom AI templates.

Check it out here.

⚡️ Skip the Waitlist and Join CTC Circle Today ⚡️

Explore CTC Circle, our monthly membership for copywriters, coaches, course creators, and entrepreneurs in the daily trenches of building high-performing launches.

Who We Are Celebrating This Week: Meghan Mann

Meghan Mann is an Empowerment Coach who can help you be heard-- and hear yourself-- in a space that is non-judgmental and rooted in truth, compassion, and action.

Her role is to help you identify patterns, make better choices, and guide you in the journey from where you are to where you want to be, using manageable steps and awareness practices.

Janice and I had the good fortune of meeting her at a community brunch this past Sunday at the Paso Fino Yoga Farm.

She and her husband Pablo recently moved to the area of Costa Rica we are staying in. Having just gone through a move here from LA in the past seven months, Meghan offered a wealth of information about how to integrate into the lifestyle here easefully.

Super grateful to be making new friends locally here, and amazed at how easy it's been to start meeting like-minded folks.

Learn more about Meghan's work at A Call to Heal.

This Week's Curiosities

Decibel (Link)

Get into the earbuds of your ideal customers.

Be the most mindful & strategic mother out here. Create & publish audio ads that’ll get your product or service heard by millions – in under 5 minutes.

Haven't dug in too deep yet on exploring this platform yet, but Decibel looks like an exciting and easy way to get your ads placed on YouTube Music, Spotify, AM/FM Radio, and other sources with no contracts or minimum spend.

Channel Jumpstart (Link)

This comes at the recommendation of one of our past Automated Intimacy students, Toni Ugueto from Sew Sew Lounge.

Can't vouch for it directly, but worth checking out if you are looking to launch a YouTube channel in 2022.

Frase (Link)

Create content fast with AI.

Frase helps you research, write, and optimize content that ranks 1st on Google – in minutes instead of hours.

I've been a customer for over a year now, but I've only recently fallen back in love with this tool after finding time to review a whole slew of updates that the team has recently made to the platform.

I'm finding Frase + Grammarly to be the ultimate writing setup as of late.

Give it a try!

Asclepios (Link)

A Costa Rica wellness center in harmony with the laws of life. Asclepios (in honor of the God of health born in the cradle of the West) is located on the slopes of the Poás Volcano. Their day spa offers an ionized pool, yoga and meditation room, flotation chamber, sauna, and hammam.

Between work and getting settled, it's been a busy couple of weeks.

In the name of rest and recovery, we'll be checking this place out this weekend at the recommendation of Ed Zaydelman from Live the Possibility.

Memorable Quote:

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead —his eyes are closed" - Albert Einstein, Living Philosophies

With appreciation,


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Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Sacred Business Flow

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