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040: A Conscious Journey Towards Growth

Carolina Wilke
Carolina Wilke
6 min read
040: A Conscious Journey Towards Growth

There I was, sitting at the Montreal airport, eagerly awaiting my departure to a remote area in northern Quebec. The anticipation was so intense, it was almost suffocating. The potent mix of joy and excitement was electrifying, to the point of discomfort.

I was heading to Kangiqsualujjuaq, an Inuit village located at the mouth of the George River along the eastern coast of Ungava Bay in Nunavik, Quebec, Canada. My purpose was to contribute my time and skills as a volunteer in the field of Bioenergetics to the First Nations community.

After an extended layover in Kuujjuaq, I finally boarded the small aircraft destined for Kangiqsualujjuaq.

Once I found myself in that tiny aircraft, my body eased into a state of relaxation and the overpowering emotions transformed into waves of energy coursing through me. I let myself bask in the satisfaction of that moment.

As I looked out of the airplane window at the expansive beauty, a subtle smile graced my face. My eyes, full of tears, reflected a profound sense of gratitude.

That was it! That feeling! That sensation. Feeling alive, feeling in ecstasy. The vibrancy of life flowing through my veins. What a life I was manifesting. One of supporting others, going to remote places to be in touch and see things I had never seen before. That was the feeling was what I was looking for.

It was a moment of complete clarity. I knew that I wanted to be guided by that feeling; I desired to experience more of it.

The experience at the First Nations Community was beyond anything I could ever have imagined. It was a unique and enriching journey.

The community members ingeniously stacked closed packs of soda to form a sturdy base, and a mattress was used as the final touch to create a surprisingly comfortable massage table for my sessions.

They announced my presence on the local radio, and people would show up when they wanted. Some came for many sessions. There was something in their eyes that captivated me.

Their verbal communication was minimal, yet their eyes conveyed volumes of untold stories and deep emotions.

The profound impact of interacting with them and the overall experience made my return and readjustment significantly challenging.

Fast forward to four days later, back in the office. I felt lost and confused. A mix of emotions left me frustrated. I was excited to share my experience with my coworkers, but I also felt sad and discouraged. In a way I knew something had to change.

That experience elevated my energy beyond the confines of my everyday life. The discomfort I felt stemmed from the realization that I was ready for more than what I was currently permitting myself to experience.

I know now it was an invitation for growth, to step forward and move beyond what I thought was possible.

Growth embodies the journey from the familiar to the unfamiliar. It is the process of stepping away from the old way of doing things and embracing the unknown, often marked by discomfort and uncertainty.

When we choose to wholeheartedly accept the opportunity for growth, the surge of emotions can be overwhelming, often hindering our ability to act.

At that time, I didn't have a clear plan or a clear goal in mind regarding the direction of my career and professional ambitions. However, I connected to the feeling, and that became my next available step.

Perhaps you're standing at the crossroads of your life, feeling utterly lost and adrift in a sea of uncertainty. You yearn to break free from the monotony, to create something unique, something that truly reflects your essence. However, you're not entirely sure how to go about it. This lack of clarity can be intensely painful and can completely block our creativity.

Not having a clear goal in mind can separate us from the possibilities. We get lost in our thoughts, thinking we need to figure it all out with our mind. However, this is not the truth.

Clarity can be built by feelings. Allow your body to feel and soon your mind will know.

Start taking intentional actions that evoke the sensation of being truly alive. As you do this, life will begin to present opportunities for growth and expansion in an apparent and conscious manner.

We are constantly growing and evolving, whether it's conscious or unconscious. However, turning this growth process into a conscious one is not just rewarding, but also enjoyable. It enriches life and recreates the awe-inspiring feeling I experienced on the airplane - a feeling of being truly alive.

Once you experience that sensation and understand how to harness it, you will find it impossible to settle for anything less in both your life and business. When you understand the power of your body you will play a different game, your mind will relax and your path will be revealed.

What is calling you? What makes you feel alive? Follow that! It's guiding you towards something greater than you can imagine. Don't ignore. You will not regret!

With Love,


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Big move! From Paradise to Paradise

Approximately two months ago, I made a significant life change and relocated from Costa Rica to Brazil. While this decision was premeditated, the transition has posed various challenges, including a sense of life moving too quickly and the struggle to keep up with it.

To cope with these changes, I've found comfort in dance, particularly a Brazilian style of music known as Forró. This is a dance form I've been familiar with since my university years. Dancing Forró allows me to immerse myself in the rhythm and movements, creating a trance-like state. When I dance with a skilled partner, their guidance allows my mind to switch off, letting my body take over and move with the flow of the music and their guidance.

In moments of challenges and changes, move your body. Dance, swim, walk... Know that you are moving energy. It will help you to feel more grounded and follow through with your challenges.

I recorded a quick video, if you want to check it out.

How To Deal With Being Lonely And How It Supports Your Growth ...

Celebrating WHO

Dwayne Sampson

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Dwayne, who was my client at the time. He is a social worker who has dedicated many years to aiding the First Nations community in northern Quebec. His work and the things that inspire him resonated deeply with me.

It was through his belief in empowering individuals that I was able to contribute my skills in Kangiqsualujjuaq. Dwayne possesses a remarkable talent for helping others and harbors a profound aspiration to make the world a better place. I greatly value his work and our friendship.

Today, I want to celebrate Dwayne for his impactful contributions.

Here is What I Want to Share This Week:

Don't be afraid to fail BIG - Denzel Washington Motivational Speech

Don't need to say much here. Fall Forward. Take risks. This life experience is unique. Don't waste it. Beautiful speech.

If you don't fail you are not even trying.

Memorable Quote:


Carolina Wilke

Co-Founder, and Chief Energy Officer

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