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WC 017: Making Peace With Being Busy

Phil Powis
Phil Powis
7 min read

I’m not going to lie.

It’s been a bit of a busy season these past couple of weeks since returning from Costa Rica.

This week we wrapped up our unveiling of CTC Circle, hosted our first community kick-off call, and I’ve also been supporting the final phase of our launch of Fearless Mastery 05 within the Zen Habits community.

I’ve also been doing my best to keep up with my commitments to my Non-Dual Tantra studies I’ve embarked on, while navigating multiple doctors appointments (dental, eyes, the works).

Last but not least, we experienced a malfunction with our A/C that required four technician visits over five days, right in the middle of my two launch windows.

I almost skipped writing this newsletter this week, as I've felt a bit on short supply of creative energy, and definitely behind on my writing schedule (it’s literally 5:45 am on Friday, a few hours before this is scheduled to drop).

This might all sound like one big laundry list of complaints, and on the surface, you would be right - it has NOT been a comfortable past two weeks for me.

But when I step back and reflect, the interesting thing is that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If any one aspect of my experience that I’ve been moving through the past few weeks were to be removed, I’d feel a sense of loss.

When I turn it around, I think to myself:

I am deeply honored, and it’s a real privilege to be co-leading an epic community of 65+ incredible marketers, entrepreneurs, and course creators all seeking to learn and grow together.

How humbling is it to be supporting Fearless Mastery with 20 powerful leaders training in fearlessness practices and moving through uncertainty?

Earlier this week we had an entrepreneur and tech startup founder from Ukraine who has been displaced by the war apply to join the mastermind, and it reminded me of the great responsibility I share in bringing this important work into the light. It really served as a bit of a wake-up call and reminder to stay present to the details, and keep the focus in my efforts to support.

In my spiritual studies, my teacher and mentors are challenging me in ways that are stretching me further into the unknown than I’ve previously allowed myself to go, and while it can be confronting and edgy sometimes, I’m grateful for their guidance.

With my healthcare, I’ve been quite fortunate to be in a place that truly has world-class providers that are accessible within a 15-minute drive of my house.

And while the A/C troubles are probably the hardest to turn around, it’s all part of homeownership, and this house has provided a stable, comfortable, and beautiful space for staying focused on my goals, and really grounding down into a new chapter of growth.

This is how I am making peace with the busy. I remind myself that most of that which I experience is in direct relationship to what I’ve asked to receive in my life.

Even in the more difficult hardships I may endure at times, there is usually a gift or message that’s available if I am able to look closely enough and examine it.

This takes work though! I'm definitely not always perfect with this, and have my days that simply feel like "gloom and doom" has settled in to stay.

But it's always temporary.

I believe as entrepreneurs, and business owners, we all have these opposing forces of tension within our experience that challenge us to keep walking our path.

We must just keep moving forward, allow ourselves to "float" when it all feels a bit too much, as my wife Janice calls it, and before long the busyness, the hardship, and the challenges fade in to rear-view mirror, and we find ourself playing a new game.

New rules, new experiences worth celebrating, and a new set of challenges to stare down with fierce commitment.

And so it goes.

Here's What I Want to Share This Week:

1. We've wrapped up enrollment for our first intake of CTC Circle.

Ry and I are taking a bit of a pause from wearing our marketing hats for the next 30-45 days while we ensure everything is up to standards, and iron out any kinks. We really want to take time to listen to member feedback rather than splitting our focus to marketing tasks.

That being said if you have questions about what we are co-creating with the community, don't hesitate to reach out.

Let's connect!


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Sign up to be notified when we re-open doors up to our monthly membership for copywriters, coaches, and course creators in the daily trenches of building high-performing launches.

2. Reminder that we are moving ALL of our course stacks into Circle in the coming weeks

If you've ever purchased a training from Ry and I, keep an eye out for an email or two from Circle over the next week. And if you'd like to get access to your purchases in the new environment sooner than later, feel free to reply to this email.

3. We've just released Webinars 2.0 within CTC Circle, a workshop that we've been giving within private masterminds that's rooted in the philosophies of Automated Intimacy, and steps through strategic overviews on two post-webinar playbooks you can run to increase your sales.

Who We are Celebrating This Week: Prerna Malik

Prerna is one of those people who I just can't get enough of in my newsfeed. Her posts are warm, thought-provoking, and generally just make you feel better about your day for having read them.

I recently enjoyed her post about bonuses and increasing course value.

She is a launch strategist and sales copywriter for "good people who want to make good money".

She co-leads a program with her biz-and-life-partner-in-crime Mayank called Ready to Sell, her flagship sales strategy and copywriting offering.

Outside of this, she is currently working on projects in the homesteading niche, as well as natural health and wellness, skincare, online marketing, influencer monetization, and astrology.

If you aren't familiar with Prerna and her work, I recommend giving her a follow.

Connect with Prerna on Twitter

This Week's Curiosities :

Play the Retro Snake Game Online for Free (link)

This takes me back to simpler days when the Nokia 3310 ruled the world. Back then, I had just upgraded from my pager, and proceeded to spend countless hours playing this game when I likely should have been working or studying. Ah ... the year 2000.

Best Circle Community CSS Hacks (Link)

As someone who has been known to dabble with code from time to time (enough to be dangerous), I've been looking into how far you can stretch customization of the Circle Interface for building communities.

Yesterday, I came across this epic list of CSS tweaks for Circle. An example of one that was super helpful was the ability to add "quick link" buttons to the left or right of the global search bar for easier access. In CTC Circle, we added links to our Events and Open Spaces as shown below. Pretty cool!

A Permanent Space to Exchange with Clients (Link)

Welcome Spaces is one of the simplest, user-friendly client portal solutions I've found as of late if you struggle to keep things organized with client communications and want to get away from email.

Keep everything tidy and communication flowing with video call, document sharing, requests, notes and meeting summaries – all in one feed!

Neso Grande (Link)

In my efforts to make the hard transition back from the hammock hustle of last month into a more "laid back" Florida beach vibe, I've had to take some massive action to ensure a smooth process. 😁

As such, and just in time for Memorial Day, I picked up one of these guys at my local REI outdoor supply store.

What a joy!

Beach life permanently upgraded. I've got an old friend coming into town from Boston this weekend, and if we can manage to stay out of the path of the looming tropical storm, this is where you'll find me hunkering down.

The highest of recommends.

Memorable Quote:

"The eyes are hungry. They eat brain energy. When you close your eyes, your brain opens up your ears" - W.A. Mathieu, The Listening Book.

With appreciation,


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