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Introducing the Sacred Business Harmony Map Assessment

(The Sacred Business Manifesto Part VII)

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Important Definitions from The Glossary

  1. Harmony Map

    The Harmony Map is a powerful yet simple tool that allows you to visualize how you relate to yourself, your business, and the divine.

  2. Sacred Business

    A business that supports your lifestyle through the creation of more time, money, and freedom. It leads to the fulfillment of your heart’s desire, and is connected to the calling of your soul.

  3. Everything is Connected

    The understanding that all aspects of life are interconnected, and that we should aspire to achieve balance in our relationship to ourselves, our business, and the divine. It is knowing that the outer experience is a reflection of our inner experience, and that we always have the power to change from the inside out. 

  4. The Fragmented Approach

    Separating life into different categories of experience, out of fear and a misguided need to create a sense of safety. This can lead to lack of fulfillment and many other disempowering life circumstances.

  5. Frequency

    A principal or quality that guides human behavior, as defined by thought, feeling, and action. 

  6. The 9 Fundamental Frequencies

    9 key frequencies for building a harmonious life and Sacred Business.

  7. The 3 Convergence Points

    The harmonious intersection between you, your business, and the divine, leading to clarity, confidence, and purpose. It is the movement from the fragmented approach towards wholeness, as one begins to operate fully from the understanding that everything is connected. 

Carolina and I truly believe everything is connected and we can't separate personal growth or spirituality from our life as an entrepreneur. I did that for many years and I felt empty and was struggling with a chronic illness that stood in the way of truly living the life I wanted to live.

Carolina experienced the same thing with her chronic headaches. She could see herself  connected to a higher frequency in her personal practices but she did not know how to apply that to her work.

So many times I see entrepreneurs go through the process of building a strong plan for growing their business but the moment they encounter a difficult challenge that contradicts their comfort zone, they disconnect from their center, and ignore their spiritual principles.

When we adopt this fragmented approach, we may possess intellectual knowledge but fail to apply it in our lives. There's a quote that Carolina shared with me,

"Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing." 

This often occurs when we separate business from inner work.

We often discuss the allure of venturing into the unknown, but when it comes to business, we struggle to connect with what our hearts truly want to express. Instead, we search the market for current trends and short-term opportunities to guide our decisions.

Often, our clients come to us burdened with what they perceive as business or marketing issues. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that the real concern is not the problem they initially shared with us. Instead, it is their struggle to address and fill the internal void that's manifesting as the issue they initially presented.

Carolina recently observed a client who had a revelation that echoed her own experiences. 

He unearthed that his hesitations in making business decisions were reflective of his personal insecurities. It became clear that his struggle to progress wasn't due to lack of opportunity, or of a strong plan. Instead, the underlying issue was rooted in a lack of self-acceptance and self-love.

Once he made the conscious decision to fully love and accept himself, he tapped into a wealth of creative energy. This energy propelled him to embrace his true power and make the firm decision to create a business that would support his dream life.

Why did he do this?

Because his profound self-love manifested as a desire to express himself through his business and life achievements.

That's why we created The Sacred Business Harmony Map; the only way out is in.​

I highly recommend you to take The Harmony Map Quiz if you haven't done so yet. 

The way you are currently viewing your perceived challenges may not necessarily lead to the solution you're seeking. Engaging in introspective work can significantly alter your external world. With an appropriate action plan and strategy, you have the power to dramatically shift your reality.

The true beauty lies in the knowledge that once you've achieved this transformation, you can replicate the process, making you an unstoppable force. This is how you work with energy instead of matter.

The Harmony Map is a powerful tool that highlights the specific areas you need to focus on and also reveals your inherent strengths, allowing you to utilize them effectively. For instance, in the case of the client mentioned earlier, a low score in love implied the need to incorporate practices that enhanced his capacity for self-love and love for others.

At first glance, this may not seem directly related to your business.

However, with time, you will realize that elevating your vibrational energy in one aspect of your life has a ripple effect across all facets, including your business. This holistic improvement can unleash a potential in your business that would have otherwise remained untapped.

Harnessing the strength of love will empower you to persevere, even when external circumstances appear to be crumbling. Understand that this perceived "disintegration" is merely the universe reshaping itself to mirror your intentions regarding love, and this transformation will manifest in your business and its outcomes. 

You’ll spark your creativity, and your ability to attract more clients, increase sales, or fulfill whatever your business needs in the moment will be significantly enhanced.

This is the essence of our work here at Sacred Business Flow: We firmly believe in the interconnectedness of all things. 

It’s no coincidence that you are reading this right now. 

We are all being guided towards the answers and solutions that will help us move forward on our path and our evolution.

We are all connected to one another, and every aspect of our life experience has an impact on the totality of our lives.

For example, unlocking emotions or feelings in one area will inevitably impact all others. 

I am convinced that by prioritizing my physical health and vitality for instance, I am positively influencing my performance in every aspect of my life.

If you're exerting immense effort in your business but not seeing the desired results, it's likely that you're not addressing the root cause of your perceived issue. Dive deep within yourself, engage in physical activities like dancing, and allow yourself to truly feel. 

Evaluate whether you're enjoying the process and if you're in love with yourself. If the answer is no, merely increasing your actions won't yield better results.

Instead, take a step back, slow down, breathe, and increase your self-love.

Seek to connect with the highest version of yourself, the one that knows everything is interconnected, even if it seems unrelated to your business. Once you achieve this, you'll see your business thrive, your heart open, and most importantly, you'll feel whole, confident, and at peace with your current reality.

The Harmony Map is a powerful yet simple tool that allows you to visualize how you relate to yourself, your business, and the divine. You can quickly assess any areas that you’ve been neglecting or how you create more balance between the 9 Fundamental Frequencies and The 3 Convergence Points.

The questions only take a couple of minutes for you to complete. You’ll get your unique Harmony Map instantly.

It’s free and completely confidential.

No matter how accomplished or happy you are in life, there are always areas that could use some improvement. Think about your health, career, finances and relationships.

What parts of your life have you ignored in order to focus your attention elsewhere? 

The philosophy behind the harmony process is that all aspects of life are interconnected and we should aspire to achieve balance in our relationships to ourselves, our business, and the divine.

Therefore it is not so much ‘work-life balance’ but recognizing your business as being sacred, which changes everything about how we approach our days with more clarity, confidence, and purpose.

You don’t have to sacrifice success in order to create from a place of true authenticity and inspiration.

Here’s what Other People Have to Say …

​"I started to work with Phil because I realized there were some things holding me back" - Leo Babauta,

“I was so fortunate to have worked with a team that understands entrepreneurial consultation as a whole-person endeavor. I was deeply inquired into, truly seen, appreciated, and personally catered to by Phil; while physically, emotionally, and energetically held and guided by Carolina. To me, this ability to cater to one’s wholeness and uniqueness, coupled with actual energetic work to help recognize and open contractions that may stand in the way holds the future of entrepreneurial support. I can’t thank you enough Carolina and Phil!” - Ece Anderson

"Your heart for service, passion for creative solutions, and commitment to bringing your gifts to the world show through everything you do and I deeply appreciate you showing up the way you do" - Rev. Erin-Ashley Kerti

"Our first consultation was more beneficial than we could have ever imagined. Just one idea Phil gave, which we never would have thought of, helped us generate several thousand dollars in our first month of business" - Luana Fara

"Phil has had a huge impact on how I create meaningful experiences in my business. So many marketers talk about being more "human" online, but have little success translating that into reality" - Jen Havice

"Working with Carolina has permanently changed the way I start my day, every day, where I eagerly reaffirm my purpose in life and who I want to be come" - Alvaro Cedeño Molinari, Partner, Tactic Legal

"In the midst of this major life transition, working with Carolina has been absolutely essential. I've been provided a safe space to open up about my challenges and unwavering acceptance" - Dani Oxer, Author

"Working with Carolina, I am more balanced and happier! I think my body is healthier! Her knowledge and dedication are felt at all times, she is wonderful!" - Neusa

"Working with Carolina is a journey of the body, mind, and soul. Blending her intuition, healing practices, Carolina harmoniously guided me to connect and attune consciousness in truth and love" - John