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WC 018: 3am on a Wednesday

Phil Powis
Phil Powis
6 min read

It’s Wednesday morning, 3am and I’ve got Vivaldi’s Spring I recomposition by Max Richter rocking on the airpod pros.

Slippers and robe on, coffee brewed, ready to go!

Usually I’m still in bed for another hour, or I’m slipping into my first meditation, but today I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to jump right into things and hit a writing sesh.

It’s funny, creating the Wizard’s Chest is one of my favorite things I get to do on a weekly basis, and yet it’s also one of the hardest.

The simple act of reflecting on what I want to share requires me to slow down and shift gears out of “doer-ship”, and tap into a different energetic space.

And I guess that’s also what I love about it.

For many years, I operated only on one speed - ON, and this has allowed me to get a ton of “things” done.

But that's also come at a cost, as it's hard to keep that pace up for too long.

I often feel like there’s not enough time in the day to truly hit pause and ask the question “what do you really want to create here?”

And so for me, this newsletter is an extension of showing up every week to ask that question.

Sometimes I come up blank.

I admit to myself that in that moment, I have no freaking idea what I want my legacy to be when this game comes to an end.

And at other times it's crystal clear.

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed, tired, sick, and can’t find the words.

That was last week.

But on a good day, there’s this creative spark that begins to burn brightly.

It’s not born of me, more coming through me.

It’s the gift that we’ve all been given to communicate from the heart, but only if we choose to accept it.

To speak truthfully. To hold nothing back.

To be giving of ourselves freely, without needing anything to come out of it.

It’s those days I seek to orient towards, knowing that we’ve all got a few more things worth saying before the sun sets on this precious life we’ve been given.

If you need help putting this time into perspective, this can help.

It’s 3:35am.

Reflecting on the nature of daylight, again with my good friend Max Richter.

This one without fail brings the goosebumps, and often an occasional tear.

Do your best work today, whatever is showing up for you.

Stare down the resistance.

You are capable of so much more.

Say what you feel called to say today.

Ask for the support you need.

Take a deep breath, and take it all in.

It's 4:43am.

To the stars.

Much love and appreciation.

Here's What I Want to Share This Week:

1. We've got our first Guest Training on the books in CTC Circle Next week.

CTC member Billy Broas will be sharing his Five Lightbulbs messaging framework. The five lightbulbs represent the five primal ingredients from which all marketing messaging is derived. First created for use with private clients like Ryan Deiss, Billy is now rolling out the framework publicly.

Attend this session live inside CTC Circle on Tuesday, June 21st at 8am pacific / 11am eastern, and run your own offer through the Lightbulbs.

The replay will be provided to members.

A warning: Once you see the Lightbulbs, you can't unsee them!

Here's what a few notable folks have had to say about working with Billy:

"I built Write of Passage on the back of Billy’s wisdom. For years, he was my #1 marketing advisor, and the course wouldn’t be where it is today without him." - David Perell, Write of Passage

"We're now using his messaging framework to improve our campaigns. If you have the chance to learn from him, take him up on it." - Ryan Deiss,

I ran my own agency and have 25 years experience in marketing. Billy's Five Lightbulbs framework allows you to focus on what's important -- and cut out all the crap." - Lux Narayan, Startup Founder, and TED Speaker


Skip the Waitlist and Join CTC Circle Today


Technically, we're supposed to be on a break from enrollment for new members, but we got so excited when Billy said yes to hosting our first member's spotlight workshop, that Ry and I couldn't help myself but to share this opportunity to learn together.

Explore CTC Circle, our monthly membership for copywriters, coaches, course creators, and entrepreneurs in the daily trenches of building high-performing launches.

2. We recently released Webinars 2.0 within CTC Circle, a workshop that we've been giving within private masterminds that's rooted in the philosophies of Automated Intimacy, and steps through strategic overviews on two post-webinar playbooks you can run to increase your sales.

Who We are Celebrating This Week: Mike Wade

Mike is our newest CTC Circle member, who was introduced to me recently by my good friend Ed Zaydelman in Costa Rica. Although he doesn't know it yet, Mike is one of my newfound heroes because he's a few steps ahead of me, and recently moved from the US to Nosara, Costa Rica.

Very inspiring,

Mike is a full-time options trader, speaker, writer and coach.

Michael spent the first 14 years of his working life in corporate America as a software developer and sales representative for Oracle Corporation. In 1998 he chose to follow his entrepreneurial spirit, quit the corporate world and has been engaged in entrepreneurial ventures and personal development ever since.

Check out Mike's LinkedIn to connect and learn more.

Totally "borrowed" this photo from Ed's Newsletter.

This Week's Curiosities :

Crypto for Traditional Business Workshop (link)

Yes, I know, Crypto isn't exactly "crushing it" at the moment. Setting aside the investment conversation, I still believe that crypto and Web3 both have a lot of great use-cases in the future, and it's all here to stay in one form or another.

I'll be attending this workshop later today to continue to get my creative juices flowing on the topic. ​

The workshop is hosted by Superdao CEO, Yury Lifshits. Superdao is an all-in-one DAO creation platform used by 1000+ DAO projects and backed by $11.5M funding from 80+ investors.

2022 Real-Estate Inflation & Recession Guide (link)

Learneverythingyou need to know about how inflation is affecting real estate investing. On one hand, I'm in a situation where I'm both capable and energized about the possibility to invest in real-estate rental properties, and then of course, we are entering a fairly interesting time economically. I've found Paula's free resources pretty helpful in understanding the lay of the land, so I signed up for this new 5-day email series that launched earlier this week.

I'm also considering taking her real-estate investing course that opens up for enrollment next week.

For the Interested (Link)

This has quickly become one of my favorite newsletters, and get this, I read it on the DAILY.

I love that every day it's just 1-2 simple links I can check out in 30 seconds or less. They are relevent to creatives and entrepreneurs, and are almost always pretty solid shares.

This one is a high recommend.

Solgaard Endeavor (with carry-on closet) (Link)

I've been really getting back into the travel lifestyle these past few months, as well as planning "how am I going to go to Costa Rica for 90 days starting in July with just a backpack?"

This just might be my solution. I think the animated gif says it all.

Memorable Quote:

"Happiness that has “no good reason”, no cause in the outer world, is the most stable happiness. It cannot be destroyed when the outer world cause is removed." - Swami Shankarananda, Happy for No Good Reason

With appreciation,


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Come join the conversation on Twitter, it’s much more fun with friends.

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