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A Reminder to Take the Love-Led Leap

Phil Powis
Phil Powis
2 min read
A Reminder to Take the Love-Led Leap

So you may have heard us talk about this idea of The Love-Led Leap, which is really when you decide to go all in on creating the life of your dreams. And when you do go all in, there's this single pointed plunge to the commitment to following the path of the heart and your soul's calling.

And this is when everything tends to begin to shift and it's not just in your business.

Really, this is in your life, right?

Because everything is connected. So this can be in your business. It could be in your relationships. It could be in your health, your vitality. So this is a really big idea.

So many people come to us and they're looking to make a change in their entrepreneurial path, oftentimes as we start to think about what is this beautiful intersection of their skills, their gifts, their past experience, and really their passion, right?

What is it they're called to create?

What is the impact they would like to create?

What is their mission in the world?

We start to zero in on some really powerful ideas. But as we zero in on that, often there's these fears that'll come up, and especially for us entrepreneurs who are used to really looking at market opportunity and have these preconceived notions or we have this conventional wisdom about how things should work in business. And I'm the same way.

I'm no exception to this with a marketing background.

There's conventional wisdom that if you follow it, you'll tend to get a predictable result. And that can be great, right? But what I found and what we found at Sacred Business and this idea of everything is connected is that we're not trying to settle for that, right?

We're trying to create that amazing life of your dreams. And what that sometimes means is that we need to focus on what's really going to light you up, what's going to set your heart and your soul on fire. And sometimes that's not the easiest path, right?

So it's looking at this intersection of your gifts, your skills, your passions, and taking this leap and saying, you know what, I want to claim what's here for me. And this may not be the easiest path, but I'm going to go for it. And sometimes that means bucking the conventional wisdom, the conventional ideas the opinions of others, and instead it's finding that faith to believe in yourself and just trusting that, you If this is here for you, that you will find a way and it's through this journey which can include struggle that you find yourself and you find the sacred business.

Some of you might feel this is a bit pie in the sky, but I would encourage you when you're thinking about what's next for you and your career and your entrepreneurial ventures, don't dismiss the possibility that the thing that feels a little bit impossible, the thing that feels a little bit crazy, the thing that feels very non practical could be the path to unlocking all of the happiness, joy, the clarity, confidence, and purpose that you're looking for in this life.


Phil Powis

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Sacred Business Flow

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